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Beyond Violence Wish List

We appreciate donations of items, food and clothing for the women and children. We always put every donation to good use.


– Cleaning Supplies

– Diapers & Wipes

– Laundry Det. & Fabric Softner

– Paper Products (toilet paper, paper towels,                                                                                               paper plates, etc.)

– Large Freezer bags

– Dish Detergent

– Gift Certificates (grocery store)

– Batteries, all sizes

– Women’s Hygiene Products

– Shampoo/Conditioner

– Body Wash

– Tooth Paste/ Tooth Brushes

– Large Storage Bins

– Light Bulbs

– Towels/Wash Cloths

– Foil/Saran Wrap

– Laundry Baskets


** Thank you to everyone who generously donates to us! **


Bravelets Fundraiser!

Be Brave!

Bravelets™ is not a non-profit organization. Bravelets™ is a for-profit company with giving at their core. They believe in transparency. They believe in making a difference. They don’t believe in the phrase “a portion of proceeds will be donated….”. What does that mean? What portion, what proceeds? That kind of giving is confusing and unfulfilling to the customer. Bravelets™ giving is clear, transparent, and easy to understand. When buying a product from Bravelets™, you always know the exact amount being donated, and exactly where it is going. They want you to be confident in your purchase, and proud to have made a difference.

When purchasing from Bravelets under the Beyond Violence Inc. fundraiser page, 10% of your proceeds will be given to Beyond Violence. This is a great way to purchase a gift for a loved one or even for yourself and also be giving to a worthy cause! Simply click on the link below and begin shopping!

Social Media

Thank you to everyone who has shown their support for Beyond Violence Inc. In the bottom right corner, we have provided two of our social media icons for easier access to our Beyond Violence pages. By clicking on them, it will take you to our Facebook and Instagram pages. Please like and follow all of our social media! You are also welcome to share our social media pages with your friends!


-Beyond Violence Staff