Counseling Services

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People stay in abusive relationships for a multitude of reasons.

  • Most victims eventually do leave
  • Leaving is sometimes the most dangerous time for victims
  • Leaving does not necessarily end the abuse

In 2013-2014, Beyond Violence counseled 1,189 adults.


Child counseling is offered to children who have experienced some form of trauma to address through counseling practices sensitive to the child’s needs.

  • Emotional state
  • Developmental level
  • Language and cognitive skills
  • Identify, build, strengthen, coordinate network in order to foster long-term healing and recovery

In 2013-2014 Beyond Violence counseled 408 children and teens.


The average prevalence of dating violence for high school students is 22%

  • Teen violence affects 1 in 3 teens, higher than adult domestic abuse.
  • Is perpetrated by a lack of experience, desire for independence and reliance on support from inexperienced peers.
  • Involves a pattern of coercive, manipulative behavior.
  • Can contribute to interpersonal violence in adulthood

The prevention of dating violence requires a collaborative, integrated approach using education and preventative programs.