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82 Families call our shelter home a year!!

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Domestic Violence tends to be a cycle. Children raised in families where domestic abuse takes place tend to repeat the cycle- either by becoming abusers or by entering relationships where they are abused. Our community is no different than any other!

Domestic Violence effects everyone… families, church members and the workplace. Domestic Violence is not isolated to households and families!!! It affects us all!!!

Every dollar that is donated will go to provide a safe place for women and children to take refuge from their abusers. Counseling Services are available to help them both emotionally through the battles they are facing with Domestic Violence to help them move on from their bleak situation.

In the past 20 years EVERYTHING around us has been changing… technology, education, communication… BUT… Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault are not changing. Domestic Violence is a social problem, not a personal problem.

Help us put an end to Domestic Violence!!

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